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Professional Activities


In addition to the extensive experience in practice, Dr. Fiorentino has also a strong scientific commitment, which represents an integral part of his daily activities.

The results of Dr. Fiorentino’s scientific activity consist in publication of several book chapters and peer reviewed publications as well as presentations at national and international meetings in the fields of genetics, prenatal diagnosis and reproductive genetics. In some cases, the importance of the work has been such that scientific journals have featured it on their front covers, an indication of the importance they attached to the work.

Dr. Fiorentino’s authoritative work has and still makes major contributions to the improvement and higher specificity of PGD in a competitive and constantly expanding field.

Furthermore, Dr. Fiorentino is member of various Italian and international scientific associations, including:
Dr. Fiorentino is also reviewer for the following international scientific journals:

Dr. Fiorentino was also involved in cancer research area, collaborating with the Experimental Chemotherapy and Molecular Oncogenesis Laboratories of the Regina Elena Cancer Institute, Rome - Italy. The results of the above activity consisted in the publication of two manuscripts in high impact factor journals, such as Molecular Cell and Neoplasia.
  • Benassi B., Fanciulli M., Fiorentino F., Porrello A., Chiorino G., Loda M., Zupi G., Biroccio A. c-Myc Phosphorylation Is Required for Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress. Mol Cell. 2006 Feb 17;21(4):509-19
  • Biroccio A., Fiorentino F., et al. (2004) "Glutathione Depletion Induced by c-Myc Down-regulation Triggers the Apoptotic Pathway Upon Treatment with Alkylating Agents" Neoplasia May-Jun; 6(3):195-206
Cancer research activity is still continuing also in collaboration with the University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Department of Gynaecological Science, Perinatology and Child Care, S. Andrea Hospital.


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