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Professional Activities


In 1995, Dr. Fiorentino was appointed to the Italian Police Department- Forensic Science Service (FSS), Rome - Italy, where he spent 3 years performing research and investigation on forensic genetics, coordinating the DNA analysis unit. While at FSS he determined to specialize in the fields of forensic genetics; its main activity was focused on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA analysis from old and degraded biological samples and low copy number DNA samples, feeling that the combination of all these disciplines would provide a nearly unique foundation of formal qualifications for pursuing his professional and research interests.

Presently, Dr. Fiorentino is court-appointed consultant in forensic cases involving DNA analysis from forensic specimens and paternity disputing, as well as consultant of many lawyers . He is also consultant of humanitarian no – profit associations regarding kinship tests by DNA analysis and its use for migration purpose.

His activity in forensic genetics is mainly focused on:
  • resolution of cases of uncertain paternity;
  • determination of maternity in cases of child abduction, abandonment or adoption;
  • confirmation of parentage of children conceived through alternative reproduction technologies such as in vitro fertilization;
  • demonstration of kinship to a citizen for immigration purposes;
  • assistance to legal professionals in resolving relationship disputes without unnecessary court proceedings;
  • determination of parentage or grand-parentage for insurance or inheritance rights claims;
  • identification of rightful heirs, or identification of the person’s remains, for example in cases of accidental death, kidnapping, etc.


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